About Roof Coating Systems

Lower cost than re-roofing , high performance, low maintenance

Imagine a Seamless roofing system that provides more than 20 years of leak-free performance with little-to-no maintenance. Imagine that same roof giving you improved building energy efficiency, the industry’s best severe weather resistance and the lowest lifecycle cost.  Now imagine installing it directly over your existing roof - saving labor, hassle, disposal costs and the environment all at once.

Low lifecycle cost, highly reflective, energy efficient, and impact resistant

  • Offers the lowest lifecycle cost
  • Provides  years of low-maintenance, leak-free performance
  • Installs directly to existing substrate in almost all retrofit situations, reducing costs and landfill waste
  • Improves building energy efficiency through superior reflective properties
  • Provides the highest wind uplift and severe hail resistance in the industry
  • Sustainable through recoating


  • Superior exterior durability and UV resistance
  • High reflectivity reduces cooling costs and roof temperatures
  • Exceeds LEED and US Energy Star guidelines for reflectivity
  • An efficient, green, and cost effective alternative to re-roofing
  • Remains waterproof
  • Remains flexible below freezing
  • Resistant to hail impact
  • Non-flammable
  • Dirt pickup resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to many building substrates
  • Easy application - spray, brush, roller
  • Low toxicity and odor
  • Simple water cleanup